December 3, 2010

Blossom Petals

The creation of Blossom Petal's were inspired by Beth who created Mini Free Spirits crochet dolls.

Blossom Petal's measure about 8" tall. Beth is made of a thick muslin fabric and Carol is made of craft velour. Both fabrics were great to work with. I will be experimenting with other fabrics as well to see what works best (I prefer using fabrics that don't ravel when sewing cloth dolls). I used pipe cleaners for the limbs which makes them poss able (also inspired by Beth...she uses them in her crochet Free Spirit dolls).

It was an honor to name the first after you Beth.

All Dressed Up

They are modeling a crochet short sleeve sweater and matching crochet matching a crochet hair clip accessory. They are also rocking a skinny strap dress.


  1. Carolyn, your dolls are truly gorgeous! I love their faces, and their body shape. I love seeing dolls without their clothing...they need to look good even when they are taking a shower :-)

    I'm flattered that you named Beth after cool!

    Small dolls are wonderful; the right size for little hands to hold and play with, and great as travel dolls for adults.

    It will be fun to see how your dress them!


  2. Beth, It was truely an honor to create these dolls with you in mind. It was a pleasure.

    The crochet patterns that you created for Free Spirits actually fit the Blossoms' perfectly. I will be featuring them and giving you the credit for the patterns.

    By the way I used enamel paint for the eyes and embroidered the nose and mouth. I could have used fabric paint instead but I find the enamel paints are much more brighter and sturdier than the fabric paint.


  3. Carolyn,

    I think the enamel paint gives your eyes the kind of 'eyeshine' that human eyes have; what an excellent idea.

    How neat that the Free Spirit outfits fit your girls!



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