December 18, 2010

New Blossom Addition

This doll is my gift to a very special little niece.

I made this carry along tote bag so she can carry the doll and all her accesories anywhere she pleases.

She will have the security of keeping all her clothes, shoes, and other things she wishes to put in these handy pouches whithout fear of misplacing them or worse losing them.

Ahhh...she is ready to go to her new home.

These Blossom Petal's are on there way to be mass produced. They will be available for purchase next year...I will also be giving some away.

I am working on developing more clothes patterns. But for now I will continue to make these lovely dresses in different fabric prints using the same patterns.  


 I don't use any kind of special doll hair...I go to my local beauty supply store and purchase synthetic hair.

The cost of the brand I bought was only $3.99. One pack is enough for about three of my dolls.
When making my first two Blossom Petal's named Carol and Beth I used synthetic weaving hair. I didn't know how to sew it on...I did the best I could. The latest two Blossom Petal's I decided to buy synthetic extension hair...the one used for braiding hair...I found a different way to add the hair and I think it actually works better than the latter. This will be my choice of hair for now on.


I prefer using curly hair. This particular hair is yaky synthetic and the texture is very silky, soft, and shiney. In my opinion it's actually better than the weave synthetic hair I first bought.

I so-o-o-o love the shine.

Because their feet are so small I created a shoe crochet pattern. Besides I really don't know where to purchase shoe's for them or make them out of fabric.

I actually used real vintage fabric to make this huh...and what's also cool is that the little girls or women are able to wear the flower hair clips also. The crochet hair clips I originally made them for us female's, I sell them on my women online store...and so they go great because of the doll's theme name.


  1. Carolyn, your dolls are such a delight! Making dolls can be extremely habit forming, and very satisfying :-)

    Your doll's hair is amazing. Do you stitch the hair to a fabric wig cap, or directly on to the doll? Using hair extension is something I never thought of, but it looks marvelous!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Hi Beth, I actually single crochet two strips, one long and one short. Then I glue the hair on the crochet strip...after letting it dry I sew it on the crochet strip...then I sew it on the head. To cover the part glued and sewed, I braid hair and glue it over the part glued and sewed. Viola!

    It took me awhile to think about how to put it together. Perhaps I'll do a tutorial on it in the future. It would be interesting and different to see your dolls with extensions.

    I post some pictures of the back view, so you can have an idea.

    Happy Holiday's!


  3. I think a tutorial of your wig making process would be outstanding! It is such a neat idea, and the dolls look so amazing with your wigs :-)

    I'd love to see back views!


  4. Your blog is beautiful... and your work is marvelous. CONGRATULATiONS ! You are a very good artist.

  5. Hi Dalva, thank you for your very kind and warm words that really touched my heart.

    Honestly...I wish you lot's of peace and prosperity.

    Happy Holiday's!


  6. love your dolls and the tote you made to carry them in.I would love to see your tutorial ,too. Thanks for sharing . Mary


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