January 10, 2011

Baby Cloth Dolls!

Meet my new babies. I haven't named them yet.

I decided to do something different with them. I used black denim sewing thread to make eyelashes. This is a technique I took from a cloth doll artist name Judy Ward. What a cleaver and great idea huh! A Pdf tutorial on making the eyelashes is posted on the bottom of this page. I'm teaching it using my own technique because I believe it's more secure.

Check out her two front teeth...so-o-o-o-o cute.


  1. Delightful dolls! They have such beautiful faces. I've taken a couple of Judi Ward's online classes, and they are the best; she is a wonderful dollmaker and teacher.

    Have a great day :-)


  2. These are just too cute! Thanks so much for the compliments on my dolls and blog - and, congratulations on your win for Daniella in the Baby Doll Contest - I especially like her little umbrella!

  3. Hi! Glad to see you came by and your name is in for the give away. Thank you for the nice compliments. The material I use for my dolls is muslin that I tea or coffee dye. I also add a little vanilla.

    Your dolls are so precious. I'll be back and check your blog later and good luck on the give away.


  4. you are very good.
    I can't resist. I am goin to follow you!

  5. Tus trabajos tienen un encanto especial, te felicito por ellos

  6. OH these are just darling little babies..You have such an awesome talent!! You make me jealous..I have loved dolls ever since I went to a Steiner Shula craft sale in Zurich Switzerland and bought a hand made doll..I admit I was 23 years old but had never had a real hand made doll before and I fell in love with her..That was over 30 years ago! I think Im in love with your little dolls and want them all but I know I could never make them come out as nice as yours! bjgates Schoharie NY


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