February 14, 2011

Crochet Gazebo For Blossom Petals Cloth Dolls HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

I've created this Gazebo crochet pattern. It's simpler to make than it really looks. It's crochet with 100% cotton thread. I've also painted the backdrop.

Carol is dressed awaiting her Valentine's.

Beth and Carol want some chocolate.

This crochet Gazebo will be available to purchase as a pdf pattern when the Blossom's go up for sale. It has 50 color photos to help you construct it. You will be able to embelish it any way you like...isn't that fun!...you won't believe how easy it really is and it's sturdy. 

I'm also working on creating the most interesting paper furniture that's sturdy for the Blossom's . They will also be available to purchase as a pattern. Although I'm putting myself to work to create patterns, I am also pleased to know that others will be using my patterns to build on there own creativity...that pleases me a lot because I feel I'm making a difference in someone elses life, and that makes me really happy. So I don't mind putting in a lot of time to help others create.
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