March 28, 2011

Final Draft Of Blossom Raggedy & NEW! Blossom Lady

I will give buyers the privilage of naming their doll.

I Adore big hair [full]. I also prefer the flat feet because I just refuse to see dolls without shoes. Her feet are made for creating very easy shoes. I had created crochet shoes to fit newborns and reborn baby dolls, surprisingly they also fit these dolls.

I also prefer long hair vs short short.

I've been thinking about creating a lady cloth doll for quite some time now. The idea was swimming in my head...I was feeling frustrated and a bit overwhelemed because I was creating her with my mind instead of my heart. Realizing that helped me to ask my inner Universe [heart] to help me formulate it...and don't you know I recieved the pattern idea in the middle of night that very same day. All my dolls creations are made wth very thin legs...they take after me.

She measures about 9 3/4 inches high. Her legs and knees are jointed.



 Her head moves, which gives her more posing possibilities. She has pipe cleaner within her arms.

Her feet were designed to wear shoes like Barbie dolls.

Stay connected to view her painted face, new hair, and how she will be dressed. "Think elegant and sophisticated".


  1. Your dolls are precious. I like how you do their mouths.

  2. Thank you ladies, I appreciate your kind comments. I enjoy browsing your blogs it keeps me motivated and inspired...LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Beautiful body on your lady doll, and I love the joints!

    Thank-you for giving me the correct URL for your blog :-)


  4. Cute dolls!!
    Great design on your new jointed doll, can't wait to see how you paint her face!

  5. Your dolls look so pretty! Love the jointed one!

  6. They are lovely - the shoes are just fabulous.
    Thanks for visiting.... as long as you bake the clay properly, it'll be as strong as an ox! be fun to see how well you manipulate clay, since you are so talented with cloth.

  7. Hay,

    Your dolls are so cute.
    Those eyes are amazing!
    Please take a look into
    my world of dolls and bears.


  8. Thank you Abi for the tip and your kind words.

    @wateringen...thank you for your lovely words. I wanted to leave a comment on your blog but didn't see that option. Your work is amazing, beautiful and magical.



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