May 15, 2011

Blossom Petals With Yarn Hair And New Surprise.

For those who have been following me, you know I prefer using hair that looks realistic. Well, I decided to give yarn hair a chance on my Blossom Petal's...I say "not bad" at all. This particular Blossom Petal has a painted flower and some leaves...she is definitely a unique Blossom.

SURPRISE! Blossom Petal's now has an undershirt body and a new head. In the near future she will also have stocking legs. Prior to the stocking idea, I had already pre-cut several Blossom's. So when I complete the pre-cut bodies, the new one's will have the stocking legs.


  1. They are just delightful, Carolyn! From the top of their yarn hair to the tip of their toes; lovely outfits too :-)


  2. I just found your blog and your little doll are gorgeous.I love the eyes

  3. Thank you Patricia. I browsed your blog...keep up what you're doing, you're doing well and your creations are great.

  4. Oh they are adorable...the hair looks as great as the other you use.

    Thanks for stopping by! you can see the entire dress on my flickr.. there's a little button you can press to take you there on the posting.

    Happy Sunday :O)

  5. wow, I didn't know that there was still a hole world making dolls, I did that too, ages agoo ☺ (i'm old now LOL) I love the way you paint the faces. They look great, aspecialy with this hair. have a great weekend. And thank you for your visit. Janine


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