June 11, 2011

New! Video Journey

I'm introducing a video journey that's doll making and painting with a twist. I hope you join me in my journey. I have a purpose for creating this video journey with a twist. The twist won't  be introduced for quite awhile. So bare with me in patience. The video journey will be viewed here on my blog and on my youtube channel. In this video I have included names that have been an inspiration in my personal growth creatively and in my personal growth emotionally...one being Beth Webber who have inspired the creation of Blossom Petal's.


  1. Dear Carolyn,

    I loved watching you handle your sweet dolls; with such gentleness and love. They are a beautiful reflection of the dollmaker - You! I look forward to following your journey, all the way to the twist :-)

    It was also a fun journey to see how your dolls have evolved; part of the fun and enchantment of making dolls.

    Thank you for your kind words; there is surely no greater pleasure than providing a spark of inspiration and watching it burst into flame.

    In friendship,


  2. Thanks Beth for you lovely and encouraging words.

    I sent you a message I don't know if you recieved but for some strange reason I cannot comment on your post or on my own...it keeps reverting me to log in over and over agian. well it turns out that I'm not the only one having this problem so the problem on commenting on my own post has been fixed. I had to change how people leave their comments by using the pop up comment page. However I still won't be able to leave comments on your blog or anyone else's for that matter unless they do the same. I had to go to "settings" and click on the "comment" tab then change the "comment form placement" to "pop-up window"...Viola it worked.



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