September 16, 2011

Giveaway! Mini Crochet Teacup Set ePattern pdf Format And Meet The New Blossom Petals

  Now available for purchase here on my blog on the the right hand side bar just scroll down and Click Add to cart.

This lovely Teacup set crochet pattern can be crocheted in a style you want. The size is suitable for mini dolls size 7 up to 11 1/2 inches tall like Barbie fashion dolls.

As an introduction and my gift to you I will be giving away 5 of the epatterns. If you want to be entered just say so in the comment box. Giveaway will end next Friday until midnight, I will announce who receives the pattern sometime on Saturday.

If you're also interested in making the Table and Chairs download the free templates I created they are located on the right hand side bar, scroll down until you see the table and chairs and click on the's easy as that. Enjoy the pattern. For further instructions there will be a link on the pattern to visit






  1. Hello!
    I hope to win this epattern!
    Your blog is fantastic!

  2. I love this pattern!!!!!! And your dolls too!!!!!
    Have a nice weekend!!!!

  3. cuenta conmigo.....vale???
    a ver si tengo suerte otra vez ( mi blog también esta´de sorteo, si quieres pasarte por allí)

  4. I love your dolls :) I hope I win the pattern :)

    Catarina Appelgren

  5. Que pocholada de niñas y no digamos los detalles tan fantásticos que creas para ellas.
    Es todo encantador.


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