June 17, 2011

Video Tutorial...Dollhouse/carry along case made with a pizza box

 This dollhouse/carry along case was made with a store bought pizza box.

I used contact paper that only costs $1.99 per roll, hot glue gun, extra card board to make it sturdy, ribbon and buttons for closure, and rope trim for a handle...oh yeah and sissors of course. You can make this dollhouse/carry along case with any size box to fit the size of your dolls using the same technique as in the video tutorial will demonstrate.

There are walls that are created to go to the next room/dollhouse/carry along case and it will be able to fit right inside the box for storage. You will also be able to stack them on top of each other to give them the effect of a second floor 

The Blossom Petal's with the new head's. These new dolls now only measure about 8 inches tall...they use to measure about 8 1/4 inches tall.

Enjoy the video tutorials!

Tutorial #1

Tutorial #2

Tutorial #3

Tutorial #4

Tutorial #5

Tutorial #6

June 11, 2011

New! Video Journey

I'm introducing a video journey that's doll making and painting with a twist. I hope you join me in my journey. I have a purpose for creating this video journey with a twist. The twist won't  be introduced for quite awhile. So bare with me in patience. The video journey will be viewed here on my blog and on my youtube channel. In this video I have included names that have been an inspiration in my personal growth creatively and in my personal growth emotionally...one being Beth Webber who have inspired the creation of Blossom Petal's.

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