July 23, 2012

Tutorial on how to make the eyes and mouth/Jazzy The Jazz Dancer New Felt Doll

Jazzy The Jazz Dancer inspired by my niece [pictured below] who has been in dance school since she's was about 5 years of age. She is now 13 years old.

Jazzy the jazz dancer measures 7 3/4" measures high when completed. She's available here on my blog as a pattern for sale or on my etsy shop...to shop here just scroll down and it's on the right hand side bar.

 I'm currently making the Mother And child felt doll pattern and the Bunka Doll [Japanese] felt doll pattern. I'm like a chicken without it's head going bonkers because I have so many other idea's install for creating more felt doll patterns and new cloth doll patterns that's it's giving me too much of a rush...I need to lay down for a moment...Whooo, focus, focus, focus...

Get ready for another speedy giveaway when I finish the mother and child/bunka doll felt pattern. You'll have the honors of picking a pattern of your choice for the first seven followers and guests who enters.

I have reduces the prices on all my patterns for many to enjoy making them.

My 13 year old niece name Jazzell. She looks more like me than she does my sister. I so love her.

A sneak peak at Mother And Child felt doll pattern. This is the mother.

Tutorial On Making The Face.

Make your markings for the eyes nose and mouth. Using two strands of embroidery floss or three strands of sewing thread back stitch the eyelid and then add your eyelashes.

Stitch a V for the eyes.

Fill in the eyes with small whip stitch stitches with two strands of floss or three strands of sewing thread.

 With two white floss strands make french knots or a different stitch you desire.

Nose - Use two floss strands or three strands of sewing thread and just make a small straight stitch across.

Mouth - Use two floss strands or three strands of sewing thread back stitch the mouth in a slight arch.

  Stitch a V for the bottom lip and just fill in with small stitches [see picture below]. 

 I told you it was easy. 


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