August 1, 2012

Mother And Child Felt Doll Pattern/Free Dolly Felt Doll Pattern

Mommy measures 6 1/4" high and child measures 5 1/8" inches high when completed. The Child has her own dolly to play with and I'm gifting you with the dolly pattern for you to download and make for free.

The pattern is now available to purchase on my etsy shop or on my shop here just scroll down and it's on the right hand side bar.

I may take longer than usual to post because I have a mood disorder [anxiety]... I get really fatigued so I pace myself when I create. So I apologize for the long wait to my followers. 

I have one more pattern to finish before the speedy giveaway. I've been waiting to, the Bunka Japanese doll in felt.

Enjoy Making The Dolly!

Read instructions below then
download the pattern here.

Materials Needed
felt [color of your choice] embroidery floss or sewing thread [color of your choice], fabric or tacky glue, scissors of course, and maybe some embellishments like 1/8" wide ribbon, a small flower. or micro buttons.

Create eyes with a french knot and a few straight stitches for eyelashes.
Make a V stitch for mouth.
Stitch the shoulders of the dress.

Whip stitch using two floss strands or three sewing threads around the body...stuff the arm and leg at this point.

Stuff the second leg at this point.

Stuff the second arm at this point.

Finally stuff the head and stitch it closed.

Whip stitch the sides of the dress.

Take some embroidery floss and sew it on top of the dolly's head.

Sew the hair around middle to bottom of the head.

Separate the hair in two parts and tie with a ribbon.
Glue a bow on the dress.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Replies
    1. De nada. Es un plecer compatir.


  2. Gracias pelo tuto e pelo patron. És muito gentil.

    1. Thank mama muneca se parese a ti, muy Linda.


  3. Hi Carolyn...Your dolls are just too cute for words! I also love how your painted doll house is coming. Beautiful!!! :)

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