August 10, 2013

WIP New Felt Doll/Animal Patterns

Carry along felt purse with felt dress up doll.

Accessory sewing holder felt doll.

Pocket baby pets.

These are a few of many more felt patterns that I am creating patterns for.
The list includes:
            -Walk The Dog with accessories
           -Walk The Cat with accessories
                                                               -Strawberry Shortcake Poseable
                                                               -Alice In Wonderland Poseable
                                                               -Matchbox Sweet Dreams Doll Poseable
                                                               -Emily's Bakery Poseable Doll with an 
                                                                 assortment of felt bakery goods
                                                               -Lily's Bedroom Poseable Doll
                                                                 with bedroom accessories
                                                               -Cecily's Studyroom Poseable Doll
                                                                 with accessories
                                                               -Ava Gardener Poseable 
                                                                 with felt gardening accessories
                                                               -Toney The Clown Poseable Doll
                                                                  with her amazing monkey
             -Kati And Her Cat Poseable Doll
              -Dezi And Her Dog Poseable Doll
                     - An assortment of Felt Pencil Toppers,
             great for children's party favors

To name a few with many more to come. I'm considering making a Holly Hobbie felt doll pattern, a fairy, costume felt dolls, perhaps a Little Red Riding Hood, and an array of family felt dolls like a bear family, a bunny family, doll family and so on. What do you think? Your feedback is valuable to me.

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