August 10, 2013

WIP New Felt Doll/Animal Patterns

Carry along felt purse with felt dress up doll.

Accessory sewing holder felt doll.

Pocket baby pets.

These are a few of many more felt patterns that I am creating patterns for.
The list includes:
            -Walk The Dog with accessories
           -Walk The Cat with accessories
                                                               -Strawberry Shortcake Poseable
                                                               -Alice In Wonderland Poseable
                                                               -Matchbox Sweet Dreams Doll Poseable
                                                               -Emily's Bakery Poseable Doll with an 
                                                                 assortment of felt bakery goods
                                                               -Lily's Bedroom Poseable Doll
                                                                 with bedroom accessories
                                                               -Cecily's Studyroom Poseable Doll
                                                                 with accessories
                                                               -Ava Gardener Poseable 
                                                                 with felt gardening accessories
                                                               -Toney The Clown Poseable Doll
                                                                  with her amazing monkey
             -Kati And Her Cat Poseable Doll
              -Dezi And Her Dog Poseable Doll
                     - An assortment of Felt Pencil Toppers,
             great for children's party favors

To name a few with many more to come. I'm considering making a Holly Hobbie felt doll pattern, a fairy, costume felt dolls, perhaps a Little Red Riding Hood, and an array of family felt dolls like a bear family, a bunny family, doll family and so on. What do you think? Your feedback is valuable to me.


  1. Just dropped in to see what you've been working on, and I think the doll sets are great. Are these going to be just patterns and/or kits? Can't wait to see the new stuff's premiere.

    1. Hello doll, If I get enough requests for doll kits I will also offer it on my shop as a kit. Thank you for inquiring and visiting, I appreciate you for that.

  2. Wow! This is so cute. I love it. Thanks a lot for sharing this one. I am really glad you shared this.

    1. Thank you Jelly. I visited your shop and I'm glad I did. Now I know where to shop for fashion doll shoes. Your shop is lovely and filled with fun. Thank you for sharing.

  3. OH I love everything on your adorable sooo much talent..I wish I was talented but Im not so I rely on someone like you..I so want to purchase your patterns for my 9 year old niece who lost her mother to suicide yesterda..It is a very sad time for us all and I think these lovely little things will make her

    1. So sorry for your loss. Thank you for your kind compliment. Your niece is lucky to have an aunt like you who cares about her happiness. I wish you both the best

  4. ok, I see all these patterns listed but where do you get them? I love tiny little things..have you ever tried making a little angel, one that is tiny enough to carry in your pocket? Im working on one for my 9 year old niece. I really need help finding patterns for tiny things. You have some great ideas..keep it up............

    1. You can visit my etsy shop


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