October 23, 2013

Clothes Pin Dolls

It took me about 6 days to make ten clothes pin dolls which includes sanding the heads, the pins, and the base.

Most of the time went on painting the entire pin with flesh colors, the features, the hair, and the shoes.

It was really simple, the only hand sewing I did was the gathering around the skirt waist the rest of the clothes are glued.

These lovely clothes pin dolls will be put in paper machet boxes that is a WIP I will cleverly make them into room boxes designed to look like a shop or sitting room or bedroom.


  1. I think your dolls are adorable! I love the way you painted their hair and features. I look forward to seeing photos of them in their box homes.

  2. Thank you Monica for your positive words.

  3. Carolyn, your dolls are sooo adorable! I love their sweet faces, pretty dresses and those polka dot shoes! Your idea for their special boxes sounds really great too.... I also love your doll charms in the post below. All of your dolls, whether clay, wooden or fabric, are just beautiful!!! :)

    1. Thank you, you made my day today. Your sweet and positive words touched me. Please keep inspiring us with your beautiful work and your volunteering it truly is making a difference


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