November 8, 2014

Sunshine Teeny Felt Doll Patterns

Kasey and Ruby Sunshine Teeny Pocket Felt Dolls are now available to purchase on Etsy along with the other dolls below. She will be about 3 3/4" tall when assembled. She can be made for a hanging ornament, a necklace, a magnet, a brooch, a doll for a doll, or a play doll in miniature. She is so easy to make. This lovely pattern has minimal sewing with plenty of gluing.

Missy and Shyla

Jordyn and Bobbi

Mimi and Zara measures 3 1/2" when assembled

July 21, 2014

New Sweet Felt Patterns

Meet the Sunshine Teeny Pocket Dolls. They are fairly easy and quick to make. I made four different sets. I enjoyed making them immensely that I will be making more sets in the future.
These can be used to make brooches and pin them on bookbags. Turn them into magnets, ornaments, or simply make them for a special little girl to play with. 

These measure 3 3/4" tall when assembled.

These also measure 3 3/4" tall when assembled.

These only measure 3 1/2" tall when assembled.

These measure 3 3/4" tall when assembled.

Meet Candie the Poseable doll. She can bend her and legs. She measures only 6 3/4" tall. Lollipop and basket pattern is included.

I like that they can stand up without being wobbly.

I have more of these kind of dolls (poseable) in the making, with accessories.

January 18, 2014

Upcycle Recyclables Jars

Recycle your household containers to store your craft supplies. For use with any kinds of supplies like hair clips etc. Fun for your little girls or decorate it for little boys.

Let's save money, the environment and get crafting people.

This was a Peanut Butter jar.

This was a Mayonnaise jar.

This was a Vitamin C jar.

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