Other Doll Creations

I created all Kelly's crochet ensamble.

I use a vintage pattern to make this vintage dress. I really did use vintage fabric.

I used a vintage pattern to make this day robe.

This was my very first cloth doll. I used a pattern by Marilyn Jensen. I entered her in my first cloth doll contest...I won third place. I made all her clothes and crochet her shoes. I also glued some sythetic hair for her. I tweaked the doll by adding eyelids with the same fabric used to make her and store bought eyelashes, and I added an extra piece of fabric to create her lucious baby lips. Finally I made her earrings and a bracelet.
She enjoys sucking her thumb.

I created the umbrella to keep her safe from the sun.

Itty Bitty Baby doll. I crochet this ensamble.

I gave this myscene barbie doll a makeover into a fairy. She's a custom made doll for a friend.

I used a pattern to create this cloth doll. I really enjoy using real looking hair whether it's synthetic or human hair rather than yarn.

I sculptured this baby using a mold and polymer clay. This was my first go at it. I also made her her crochet ensamble and booties.
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